Naturopathic Nutrition Belfast

Naturopathic Nutrition Belfast

Iain Foster provides Naturopathic Nutrition in Belfast and across Northern Ireland.

Do you need help with Naturopathic Nutrition? We have all heard the phrase “You are what you eat” and it is completely true. However, when people become ill we never ask what part food played in their illness and we never ask what role nutrition can play in their recovery.

The human body is an amazing and complex collection of millions of processes taking place 24/7. We are capable of the most incredible things both physically and mentally.

Our bodies are fueled by and maintained by oxygen, water and food. Added to this are our genes, our external environment and our internal emotional/mental conditions. Our bodies have an extraordinary ability to endure neglect, abuse and toxic onslaught, they will adapt in an attempt to survive and restore balance. But when the food we put into our bodies is lacking in nutrients and is high in toxic substances our bodies begin to malfunction. This results in illness, disease or you experiencing life in a state low energy, aches & pains or low mood.

Naturopathic Nutrition Belfast

The energy flow (Qi) is produced by the food we eat and the better our diet, the more Qi energy we have. So if we live in a toxic environment, eat poorly and do a little exercise, the less Qi our bodies will have to maintain, protect and heal itself.

As modern medicines reliance on pharmaceutical drugs has grown we have developed a view that there is a pill or drug to cure everything that is wrong with us. This has resulted in the current health crisis the world is facing. It is time to rebalance our view of modern medicine with the role nutrition and lifestyle plays in our health.

Naturopathic Nutrition is the study of foods and nutrients and how they affect our health. It combines modern biochemical science and traditional Naturopathic Medicine. The principles of Naturopathic Medicine are key to my approach in helping you regain your optimal health.

Whether it is your immune system, your digestive system, muscles & joints, or any other organ, system or function of your body, it needs the right nutrients in order to work correctly. I work with you to review your diet and identify any connections with your symptoms. I then develop an individual nutrition protocol that will help support your recovery in conjunction with the Acupuncture or Body Work treatment you are receiving.

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