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If you are suffering from physical pain, an ongoing health condition, emotional distress, or just not feeling 100%. Iain Foster acupuncture and nutrition services in Belfast can help you regain your health by providing a range of effective natural treatments.

Treatments include

Acupuncture, Nutrition, Cupping, Moxa, and Bodywork. I provide acupuncture and nutrition treatment to support Fertility issues. Natural Cosmetic Facial acupuncture treatment is also available. Contact me today to book an appointment.

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Iain Foster | Acupuncture & Nutrition Iain Foster | Acupuncture & Nutrition Iain Foster | Acupuncture & Nutrition


Acupuncture & Nutrition are a powerful combination, which produces real results, results that do not depend on toxic drugs, invasive surgery and which have no negative side effects. The World Health Organisation recognises the effectiveness of acupuncture and recommends its use for a wide range of health conditions.


Iain Foster represents the highest possible professional standards available in natural medicine today. Using an understanding of western Biomedicine and evidence-based Acupuncture & Nutrition I am able to treat both the symptoms and underlying causes of physical and emotional illness.

Iain Foster trained in Belfast and Dublin with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), Europe’s oldest and largest Acupuncture & Naturopathic College. The CNM five-year diploma course represents the highest standard of Acupuncture, Biomedicine & Naturopathic training available in the UK and Ireland.

In addition to his clinical work in Acupuncture & Nutrition Iain has a strong interest in meditation and is a senior teacher with over 20 years experience. His other interests and skills include Tai Chi, Qi Gong and functional exercise.

  • Trained to the highest European standards.
  • Licensed to practice in the UK & Ireland.
  • Fully accredited and professionally insured.
  • Full member of AFPA
Iain Foster

“If you find the Health Service frustrating and want a natural way to treat your pain or health condition, then Iain is the solution you have been looking for.”

Bronagh, a happy patient

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