Facial Acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture or Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation/Enhancement Acupuncture improves the elasticity of the skin and general overall appearance. Facial Acupuncture can be a very effective treatment to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin; helping you to look and feel rejuvenated. This is achieved by increasing blood flow to the face, relaxing facial muscles and by stimulating the laying down of new collagen fibres.


Facial Acupuncture

Far-reaching improvements can be achieved without the use of invasive surgery, Botox or toxic chemical peels or fillers.

Every person is unique and results vary from person to person, the number of treatments you will need depends on your age, overall health and the condition of your skin. You will feel an immediate improvement in your overall wellbeing after the first session with improvements in your skin developing after several treatments. Significant changes can take up to five sessions to show and I would recommend a course of up to 10 weekly sessions. Regular monthly maintenance treatments, to support and maintain your new natural look are recommended.

The treatment consists of using extra fine needles specifically designed for facial acupuncture along with facial massage techniques. Underlying emotional stress, fatigue and other constitutional issues are also treated; because when we are healthy on the inside we look and feel healthy on the outside. Beauty comes from within both physically and emotionally.

Facial acupuncture is not only an effective beauty treatment it can help to reduce the appearance of scars, treat psoriasis & eczema, acne and rosacea.